Send any of your regular gigs in an offer from messages


Does this sound familiar, that you get a message along the lines of:
Buyer: "I want X,"
and you have a gig that does that already?

I used to send custom offers but got fed up of that.
I used to put a link but got fed up of spending $1 of my $4 earnings on finding the link and putting it in the message.
Now I just say, “Absolutely I can help you with that. Please go ahead and order from my gig page.” but it sounds a bit brush-offy.

I would love Fiverr developers for evermore (well, until they next messed up) if we could send an offer within the message system that isn’t a custom offer, but is just one of our standard gigs. If we could indicate the right package too that would be frigging awesome!


I get these all the time. My solution:

I have a canned response that says “I would be glad to help you with that! You can order my gig here:” Underneath that I have a list of hyperlinks with the name of every gig I sell regularly including some that are paused on and off. Since the hyperlinks are written like this - My Widget Gig - I can easily delete all the other links before I send the response and it takes me a second to do. The buyer feels like I wrote a custom reply and made a link just for them.

I like your idea better, but I had to have a workaround in the meantime!


That’s a great workaround. I’m going to steal it.


How do you do the link like that in the inbox? It’s a neat workaround.