"Send" button hidden in conversion screen


Hello Developer

I found a issues in conversations page today, when i found a message from a client, i click on it, it will redirect me to conversion page, where i click on “First_reply” template to send my first reply to client. When i click on it, “Send” button goes inside the footer, so i can’t click on.

You must think about it(Then how can i send first reply to my client):
I right clicked on conversion page, select footer tag, hide the Footer, Now I am able to see “Send” button and then i click on it. that’s why i can send First reply.

Please take a look at attachment, please take a look at last image.


I had that one once.

Can you try a different browser? If not, try clearing cache and cookies and log back in.

If all else fails, please contact CS.


Hello “offlinehelpers”

Thanks for sending me detailed steps. I was helping fiverr to solve it out this issues. As you read, i can remove the footer from HTML and can click on Send button. So Thank you.