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Send Custom Offers (up to $1,500)


I reached Level 1 today and completed 1 month but as it shows Send Custom Offers (up to $1,500) I still can see that I am only able to send 10 custom offer so what is the fun that I can only send 10 but there are 1000+ buyer requests


Responding to buyer requests isn’t the same as sending a custom offer.

Well done BTW! :sunny:


Did not get you can you make clear will I have only 10 custom offers to send


We all only get to send 10 replies to buyer requests each day - the level you’ve achieved doesn’t make any difference. :sunny:


Oh Thank You! So basically just we get a boost in GIG and sellers can have more trust otherwise all everything is same no other benifit :grinning:


Here’s the breakdown of the level benefits:


yes you are allowed to send 10 only here daily


Thanks that is why was confused