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Send many offers customer


i send many offer but yet not order get what is do after send offer any one can help me…

I have a one buyer request when i click buyer request i have 4 or 5 buyer request whats s that

Be patient and wait for a good time. Don’t be frustrated.


mean he contact me right


Yes, You are right. Wait…


thanks i will wait and watch


just 10 offer can send on day???


Yes, You can send only 10 buyer request in one day.


thanks a lot for help me


Go to your buyer requests section, take one of the old offers together with the request and post it here.
If we can see what you’re sending out then we can tell where the improvement opportunity is.


make new and modern exclusive flyer for your company
i will made your banner
Include Source File Printable Resolution File unlimited Revisions 1 days $30 ghazanfarrehman
I am looking for Flash banner designer for my Online TV ticker/slider. Needed 3 banners sample attached
Delivery Time - 1 days Budget - $5
Screenshot_2.jpg (31.4 KB)
Animated Banner


design for you every thing what you want
i can design your logo your tennis logo i’m experience designer i hope you will be glad work with me contact me budget according your idea
Include Source File Logo Transparency Printable Resolution File Include 3D Mockup Stationery Designs unlimited Revisions 1 days $20
design a logo and an animated logo (same logo) for my tennis business. I am a tennis teaching professional and the name of my company is Tennis Jedi Master. I will be doing tennis videos. My tennis business focuses on proper but practical technique and the intelligence & nuances of the game
Delivery Time - 1 days Budget - —


Flash is dead, so I won’t comment on that request :slight_smile:

Regarding the tennis logo request, here’s why you didn’t get a response back from the buyer

  • Grammar - your English doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to be good enough for a buyer to understand it. Right now I can barely understand what your offer includes. You might need to partner up with someone because you probably won’t learn English overnight and there are thousands of sellers who are fluent in English offering the same service. Besides, get a spell checker, most of these are free so there’s no excuse for using i instead of I.
  • Experience - saying that you’re an experienced seller doesn’t mean much. Show your experience or name a few companies you’ve designed logos for. It would be good if you can show sport related logos you’ve done in the past.
  • Budget - this goes back to the language issue I mentioned above. I don’t even understand what this means “budget according your idea”. Set a clear price or ask for more details if you’re having trouble evaluating the project cost based on the given information.
  • Source files - you have to be specific here. If you’re using Adobe products then it’s either AI or EPS.
  • Unlimited revisions - why do you need to offer unlimited revisions? Why can’t you get the job done with 2-3 revisions? Why does the customer need to request 20 revisions before you get it done? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the offers you’ve sent. The bad news is that your offers are simply not good enough to get responses, but the good news is that hopefully now you know why and what can you do about it.


mean i need better my English language and speak well for get order


i need improvement my language and spell


You basically have 2 options

  • You can partner up with someone who speaks your native language and English fluently. They can take care of the communication and you do the designs.
  • Or maybe Fiverr is not the right platform for you. Maybe you can sell your service to local customers outside of Fiverr or even bring your local customers to Fiverr if you need to use its payment & order processing features.


thanks a lot for give me advise


wait and see you will get order immediately


thanks a lot i will wait