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Send Message to All of the Previous Buyers

anarchofighter, that’s the truth. “Lose my number buddy” and “Don’t call me I’ll call you” come to mind. haha

bwahahaha that is funny, call me Maybe

Ehhh. That opens the door to spamming customers and no one wants that. That would ultimately drive customers away than help drive them in.

I think this would be widely abused and really annoying.

Reply to elliott22x: I think spam is already an issue on the site no need to exscaberate it

And until or unless we can ACTUALLY delete messages out of our box and “new message” counter on Fiverr, I would NEVER want this feature FIRST.

I hate the message I can’t even archive.

Now if they had a message system like email platforms where we could create folders and file messages in folders that would be great

Maybe make this a feature only for LV2 or higher sellers that have proven themselves to be non-spammers or something?

I think this would be a great feature for people like me who often have to pause their gig for a time when I’m too busy…When I am ready to unpause it I can notify my previous customers that I’m ready for more work.

I agree, however, that Fiverr would have to implement it in a way to protect everyone from excessive spam.

I’ve been thinking of this too. Due to a large volume of orders, I once closed one of my gigs. Later after few days when I completed those orders, I re-opened it only to find out that my buyers went to another sellers. I wanted to message them and let them know that I’m back again…

I had suggested this to fiverr tech support last month on october 23rd. But all I got was what’s below::

Jacky - Fiverr’s Customer Support Team, Oct 23 05:10 (IST):

Hi Tanlee,

Thanks for sharing that with us. I have forwarded your suggestion to our product manager.

I vote no to any type of mass SPAM like messaging. I am also a Buyer here and would not want my Inbox filled up like that.

I hate spam and I know Fiverr does too. I don’t think they’ll ever implement that. Some people got penalized for contacting people in bulk about ordering their gig.

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I agree with what is being said regarding spamming, however, there are such times that I see it really benefiting fiverr and fiverr sellers, such as a buy one get one free promotion for Christmas or Cyber Monday etc, this would encourage older customers to re engage and a nice way to say thank you for your business to your current clients.

Hmm, I already receive Fiverr spam in the App. I had to uninstall the app just because of that.

Yes, this is a very important issue that you mentioned… May be need more and more work for fiverr website.
and another think is may b need to give more priority for a seller… Thanks

what i thought about the idea is that it is a nice idea. if fiverr can introduce a tool that will allow us to form message and then add our old clients to the tool and then message all of them at once within fiverr, probably we could see one or two that will be having a project they wanted to get done. Even when you work with some buyer, they’ll tell you “will be right back to order for more”. not even one not even two but eventually they will just forget you cause their is a lot to attend to. I don’t know if someone is comprehending what i am trying to insinuate,

the message dont really have to be outside fiverr or gmail spam, we could just make it a normal random inbox tool

Wow! really? “resurrecting” a :coffin: post from 6 years ago? :rofl:

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