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Send offer button locked?

Hi all, I don’t know which category this would fall. I am facing problem about my gigs. I am receiving buyer’s request about games related problems like figure correction, fighting hand, maps, 3D printing, create logos and lebels, photo mock-up ,fashion designing, Lip-liner etc. I am not a game-creator. I am doing civil, architectural and mechanical jobs. And all details described in gigs. When this occurs after waiting long days and nights for a reasonable buyer, I have to reply them that I am sorry, you please find somebody else. (Because I fear of Response rate for new seller). This is not right I think. Fiverr system may find a spammer in me one day when I write these words day after day. Above all this is a waste of my time and quota of 10 nos request reply. And also making me unprofessional and may be eventually I am losing potential buyer. I do not know where the algorithm goes. My request is , can it be solved so that I get a real buyer in my field.
By the way, I am still waiting for my first buyer, since Oct-Nov 2019. and from last night send offer button locked (green yet !) in the buyer request section. Anybody please help.

Are you saying the only buyer’s requests you see are not related to what you offer? If so, why are you even answering these buyer requests? Answering buyers requests is quite different from someone sending you a message - those you do need to answer within 24 hours or your response rate will suffer. If you come across buyers requests that have nothing to do with your niche or you are not able to help, there is no reason to even respond to those. You probably cannot send an offer because you are not a leveled seller just yet.


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First of all , Thank you for reply. gg.

2.No, not messages,these are requests clicking more>buyer request…next page opened,scrolling mouse on price (below budget) , send offer tab .

Other areas are ok with mouse operation , I think. I cross-checked with re-starting my workstation.

Third, One of the requests are one of my gig areas, house-floor-planning. But I could not send offer to him. very sad.

I contacted help center about the matter, followed their instructions, and got back my “hand”. Thank you fiverr. and thank you all who sees this.
Learning for new seller is that never answer which is not your niche even that is in the same category. category once chosen , can not be changed. only think about sub-category.