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Send offer button

When we click on the send offer button the description area is only 3 lines. all other message boxes we can press enter more times to see a larger box.

Please make this possible here. The benefit of seeing more lines is it’s quicker to scan a paragraph and see that it makes sense. We need to find efficiencies everywhere we can to make our community great.

Also one of those stretchable thinks in the bottom right corner would be good too so we can increase the box size with our mouse.

Kind Regards,
Murray / Creativeman

Could be helpful I suppose. I’ve been suggesting things since I joined back in 2011 though and have yet to see any of them implemented, unfortunately. I did some variations of some of my ideas pop up though so I hope that in some small way I helped inspire them. Hope this pans out though. Would be quite convenient as the send offer button feature is one I was waiting on since I joined. Imagine Fiverr without one, all that lost revenue. sigh