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Send offer problem

Hello everyone!
I am new on Fiverr. Today, I have found a buyer request but before I send the offer, it is showing “no request found”. I don’t know what does it mean.

Also, there is showing (active 4) but still, there is no request visible. Help me plz…


This is a common bug. The ‘no request found’ is likely because the Buyer withdrew the request. The ‘active’ is just a visual bug: if you don’t see a request, there isn’t one.


Check it out later!
Its a visual bug for quite a while…
You will find proper request if you keep a eye on the buyer request page!

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Don’t worry. It’s totally a bug. A lot of the time it show number of buyer request without any buyer request.

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Thank you so much to all of you,I was little nervous but now I understand this from your replies…

You should get new buyer request every day on Fiverr and for those request you should give prompt reply or those buyer request might expire

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