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Send Offer To Buyer

I am new in fiverr i created gigs but i have no response from buyers. What should i do i have no order yet
and how can i send offer to buyer?
please help me friends


Go to selling>buyer requests section, you will see requests from buyers there.

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thank you for help but there no request… :slightly_frowning_face:

I do not know what you work with fiverr.If you are a graphic designer .you can add skill in fiverr as like as ( flyer,business card,UI/UX,etc) Expert . buyer request comes based on your skill.The related skill add you do is related to the related work.By doing so you can get a good buyer request


Thank you saif…
I am web desinger and i have added my skills…

As i am new in fiverr but as per my thinking you should grow up your skills as fiverr market’s demand.if you are done with the most demandable gigs, i think after that you can get rain on orders…thank you.


Thanks Friend…:slightly_smiling_face:

Try checking the buyer requests section whenever you get some time, you will find them

you can add your more skill and you will show more buyer request. then you can send offer. thanks

first go to Selling then you can see buyer request and click here after witting something for your gig
Thank you

I do not understand why you don,t get a job and you have said you are a web is great skill.
i hope you get a job quickly.
good luck.

Thanks for appreciation. I am looking for the work and sure to get it soon.

How long you have been here on fiverr?

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If you dont have any buyer request then you need to make merketing on your gig. Use social media for increase view click

It’s been one an half month

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Hmm i did not get buyer request…but sharing my gigs into the social media …Thank you.

more then 1 year…but i was inactive that why my gigs are fallen down …

Thank you All my friends for your appreciation. :slightly_smiling_face: