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Send Warning to Buyer If Order Disputed!

I have noticed most of the buyer come on Fiverr and search many of gig and selected 3, 4 gigs that he like the most and place order to all four sellers. When four sellers are working on the same project, then three sellers are in lost because buyer only like one seller work and order of the other the three sellers are disputed, the buyer does this thing again and again.


  1. When buyer doing this same this, again and again, Fiverr seller system is disturbed because three seller is in losses due to cancellation.
  2. Fiverr face more inquires because after the order dispute everyone contact seller customer support.

I want to suggest Fiverr please implements a system to buyer account that he could not place one order too many sellers. Implement any system to buyer analytic how much buyer dispute the order and send a warning to the buyer if he is doing the same thing again and again.


Impossible to implement.

How can you prove he is going to cancel 3 extra orders? How are you going to prove he is not looking for samples and willing to pay all 4 and then give extra to the best designer?



I am not talking to all buyers, I know most of the buyer are good but some of the buyer do this type of things. You have not face this type of issue when buyer received all work and dispute the order?

I am a frequent buyer on Fiverr, and when I place orders, I usually need to do at least a dozen at a time. Oftentimes within the same category. I am sure a lot of other buyers do the same. Why would Fiverr restrict buyers in this way? It would make their revenues drop immensely and also make the process more inconvenient for buyers. It would make many buyers switch to competitors.

And, I am sure my account would have been flagged last Summer then. I ordered from a lot of sellers who suddenly realized that they could not do what they promised after stringing me along for weeks or even months at a time, or who delivered incomplete work.

Yes, cancellations may hurt sellers more than buyers (analytics dropping, level demotions), and it may sometimes seem very unfair, but Fiverr cannot start flagging buyer accounts for simply ordering too much or for canceling (unless they break ToS, of course). That would hurt the marketplace and be a very bad business decision.

Also, do not forget that buyers are often hurt by cancellations as well, for example, by losing valuable time and profits.


Yes, I agreed with you but some buyer scam to seller. When seller deliver all the work that the buyer need he dispute the order without any reason. I am talking that type of buyers.

So how are you going to filter the scammers from legitimate buyers when they haven’t done anything yet? You can’t.


I agreed with you its difficult but Fiverr need to use artificial intelligence to filter the scammers because seller also giving 20% to Fiverr. Seller needs protection from scammers.

So we need an artificial intelligence that can predict if buyers are going to cancel before they do it? Sounds quite dystopian.

Basically, like HYDRA’s Project Insight in ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ or maybe Fiverr could even have their own ‘Precrime’ unit like in ‘Minority Report.’ Exciting times ahead! :wink:


No, when they will do it because scammers will do the same thing again and again. For example if you have the buyer analytic in which you can see the buyer progress then you can filter the buyer that are scamming on Fiverr. One buyer place four order and completed one order and the other three orders dispute then AI need to send notification to customer support and customer support need to investigate the buyer profile if something went wrong.

They could try to detect the scammers after the scam. (if that’s what it was).

I agree they shouldn’t’ stop buyers buying multiple orders simultaneously (eg. from the same subcategory). They used to have a basket that allowed you to have multiple orders before purchasing I think.

Amazon I think will close an account if the buyer returns too much stuff (or it might be based on the value of the purchases). Fiverr might do something similar. They might check for a very high number of cancellations from a buyer or maybe they also take the prices into account+number of cancellations+cancellation reasons.


Yes, I agreed with you

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If you delivered high quality work, communication was inside of Fiverr and you can prove, that the buyer really ordered from few different sellers, you can contact CS, but you don’t know, you just can’t know, that he is doing it.
Another one thing - maybe your work is not 100% perfect and correct. I am a seller as well, but I had good and bad buyer experience as well - sometimes sellers deliver, but this is absolutely not what we was talking about and what I needed. Of course I will cancel the order… You need to be 100% sure that you can do this work correct and on time before starting.
Also, some sellers will almost fight for the order, will tell, that they will 100% do this work better, than anyone else, and when you pay, when order starts, you realize, that the seller has no idea what to do… I had this negative experience recently and I had to cancel - I didn;t want to affect his retes, but I had no choice


Yes every seller has bad experiences. I tell you my recent bad experience. Buyer say me please give me the sample before placing the order. I said, no problem Sir, I will give you the sample. Buyer send me some files, I worked on that files, when I am working on that files I sent a sample to buyer, buyer said its good. buyer said I have 100 files to work on, you need to complete first 20 files then I will place the order. When I have delivered 20 files then buyer said I did not like the work quality. Whats this??? After completing the work !!!

Never do any work for a buyer without receiving an order first. They are just tricking you into doing work for free, and they never had any intention of placing an order, no matter how good your work was.


Did you watermark the sample and the other files (I assume they were images/designs/renderings)? If you were going to send some sort of sample/work you should have at least put a big watermark on it so it couldn’t be used as it was (or it would be a lot harder for it to be used).

I agree, they might have used that work you sent even though they didn’t pay. They might have said something similar to multiple sellers and got a lot of work done without paying.


Yes, You are right. We are loyal to the buyer but the buyer is just tricking with us.

Agreed. But we cannot put water mark on psd or AI files. When we send a 3D model we also could not add water mark.

Okay but you could just show images with a big enough watermark on them before they order. There’s no need to send the .psd or AI files before they order (eg. png/jpeg could have been sent with the watermark). Also a rendering of the 3d model with a watermark overlayed could have been sent through the inbox if you wanted to show a sample (or maybe a few renderings of it from different viewpoints). There’s no need to send the actual 3d model before they order.

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I also face this problem, after my order cancellation still now I’m not getting any order :sleepy:

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