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Send Watermarked images via message

Hi! I’m an illustrator, I’m quite new on fiverr.
A buyer asked me to send him some of the completed files (3 or 4 out of ten) so that he can make sure everything is ok, and I really want to help him, but fiverr ToS don’t allow this sort of things, so my question is: if I send him the watermarked files, would it be ok with fiverr rules?

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I personally send watermarked samples if a client wants sample work. Not sure if it is against Fiverr TOS.

Thank you! I was actually reading some other posts and there are many people doing this, so I guess it’s ok

Yeah, sometimes a buyer(even seller sometimes) posts a buyer requests with a photo editing or stuff like that and has attached a file to do an example. In this case I always add a watermark in the center so that I’m not fooled. :grinning:

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yes you could send watermark samples with low quality image. keep guard of your intelectual property rights.

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I suggest you to send it personally. And if you still have doubt you can contact the support directly.