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"Send you naughty pics" cheapens site


I’m pretty disappointed by the recent proliferation of “send naughty pictures” gigs on Fiverr. No one needs to spend a penny or use Fiverr to find nudity on the internet. I don’t even like scrolling past these gigs and feel they degrade the Fiverr image and user experience.


It is everywhere and if you are on the internet you are going to run into the dark side


I just did a report yesterday. There was full topless photos up! I was like ummm this is a no no lol


I hadn’t noticed the “naughty pics” on Fiverr before reading this thread. Under certain circumstances I have no problem with it. I read one gig. The description and sample pictures were tasteful. Nothing particularly vulgar. The feedback left was 100% positive. I thought two consenting adults win win. I’ve had a change of mind. I was looking at a different gig. I thought, is she over 18? I can’t tell. That’s when I started thinking more about it. She had a sample pic that wasn’t completely nude. Her shirt was off, she did have her arm covering. There wasn’t nudity, but pretty racy. I remember another thread where a seller was complaining her sample pictures were stolen, and displayed elsewhere on the net. This could happen too. So, even just for the fact that there is no age verification, “naughty pics” probably shouldn’t be allowed.


I didnt notice them either.

but yeah i think there def. should be a different category if they allow them…