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Send your solo ad to 60 000 targeted members

I built my list with legitimate offers and ads, no bots/trash leads. AND I make money from my list on a regular basis. This why my service is different compared to others on Fiverr - many don’t send to their own real lists. Backlinks and SEO are cool, but list is #1. Now you can use mine. my list is IM niche targeted members the list re new everyday

Hey that sounds like a really legit gig. And 60,000 sounds like a lot for targeted members. Really impressive, wonder how you got that many, and what niche it is. Really interesting gig, I might consider.

I don’t know about the 8-day time though. I understand it’s just max, but you do offer 2 day express for more $$, which is nice.

Check out my gig too, it’s not quite as large as 60,000 members but these Facebook likes can get still pack a punch :slight_smile:


yes its IM niche for more quastions make sure to contact me back

yes can be less than 8 days too