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Sending 10 buyer request offers per day.. This need to be changed


Yeah i really dont like this and i dont know whats the benefit of it by limiting offers. This must be changed. What do you say?


Fiverr wants to prevent spam.


I say you need to plan the way you send your offers


Yeah but what if there are plenty of good offers.


imagine you are a buyer and you seek a certain service, how will you handle thousands of email notifications and go through all the offers? 30 is enough for them and 10 is enough for us


Considering all the spam, I would actually reduce that to 5. Maybe then sellers think twice before posting. I posted a request some time ago and I added at the end

  • Start your offer with “I can read” so that I know you’ve understood my request.

Guess what, out of first 20 offers only 2 passed that test. Unfortunately, they were still not qualified to do the task. So I gave up and looked for a seller myself.

If you check other platforms like UpWork then you’ll notice that it’s a common theme. Buyers are forced to come up with ways to filter the spam because some people send bids for everything without reading the requirements.

I’m not saying you’re one of those spammers, but unfortunately some sellers are ruining it for everyone.


Fiverr is not for only one seller with only buyer! Note that other sellers are posting too and every buyer receive mails too. Moreover, fiverr don’t recognize anyone has buyer or seller outside fiverr so they mail everyone on the platform about interesting gigs.

It’s very annoyed to visit buyer request and get to see 5 requests of a particular person… That’s why they call it buyer request I’ve never seen seller request!
So don’t be angry


I have had responses to Buyer Requests where 6 different accounts sent me the same message with lots of different prices. .
I have also had responses where 2 sets of 5 accounts each sent me the same message (eg, 1 set said one thing, the second set said something slightly different), also with lots of different prices.

The BR section is rife with spam from sellers offering services and other sellers spamming buyers with multiple responses. It is truly a mess because of these sellers and I fully believe it has got to a stage where posting there should lead to an immediate ban.
Where I see obvious cases of someone with multiple accounts I try to take the time to report them too.


I saw that offer!

It’s difficult for me to find more than 4 to 7 good buyer’s requests to respond. Sometimes I do find 10.


Completely agree!

The maximum offers feature is a great way to prevent spamming, client’s inbox overflow and suicide sellers as I can tell.


I think Fiverr is doing you a favor. Do you want to spend all day sending bids? You’d be better off researching your competitors, and fixing your own gigs.

I only use buyer requests when I’m really desperate, and I don’t like it because I have to remember the price of all my gigs and gig extras, so I end up underbidding myself.

Buyers Requests was better when Fiverr did the remembering for you, at least that’s my opinion.


Yes, i have other opinion the old account have 1 year Give the 20 Requests Or 30!!


Sellers desperate for an order will just send offers to every request if there’s no limit, whether they can do the job or not. BR will become unusable for sellers.

So, no, it’s a bad idea.


Hush, old accounter. You don’t know anything! Everything must be changed to make life easier for the newbie so they can make a glorious fortune! You guys have had your day in the sun! Make way for the future!

The future seems awfully entitled looking at some recent posts.


How dare you call me an old-accounter! I haven’t even been here a year yet!

Actually, when does a newbie stop being a newbie? *ponders

Also, how do you put things in ‘*’ in this forum without it turning it into italics, and with it showing the asterisks?





break the code! I take back what I said about you being an old-accounter, as you clearly have no idea how this forum works. :imp: Then again, I had to explain everything, didn’t I? Tsk, tscha, tsk.