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Sending a business card with your physical delivery

Hi all,
I was wondering if sending a business card with an etsy shop, website, social media, etc with an order for a physical product would be against the TOS?

It’s not soliciting, it’s providing a way to see other products I create that don’t within the fiver platform, but at the same time, could it be considered conducting business around fiverr?

I’m asking this here because when I went to file a ticket, none of the categories seemed to quite fit this question…

If your business card contains any site or any contact info other than what is on Fiverr, it would be against ToS to send it. If you want to sell on Etsy or other sites as well, send those cards with those shipments. When you sell on Fiverr, list only information relating directly to Fiverr.

Okay, a business card with just my fiverr account is okay though?

It’s tricky because a seller needs to put a return address on any physical item they send to a buyer.