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Sending a proper offer against buyer request!


May I copy/paste an offer against a buyer request (I mean copy/paste a sample and edit as buyer request) or should I type the whole offer?

Which one is more effective

Thank you


you should type offer it will be better coz first read buyer properly then you can a request.


Avoid copy pasting as much as possible.

First greet the Buyer. Tell something shortly about yourself. Then explain how you will complete the project and what information you need. Greet again and finish with your username.

This is the process that I follow.



Thank you for your reply. If I type does not it takes more time to send a offer. When I saw that 10 people already sent the offer and I type the whole my serial will be 100+. So how buyer will find me first? Or what is the criteria ?

Thank you


Clients can understand most of the time that you’re just copy pasting. Try to put something unique in your proposal to show the buyer that you know the work and you’re confident about it.

Sending the proposal quickly doesn’t mean you’ll get the work. It depends on luck. I got my first order after sending 205 buyer requests. And yes, I used to copy paste in the beginning so my proposals couldn’t stand out enough.


I wrote an article on it a couple days back, must give it a read in my honest opinion copy paste is a wrong approach to sending buyer requests. Please go through the Request and offer solutions rather than a template.
How to write effective buyer requests? Tips and tricks to get orders from buyer requests


You should type offer it will be better because off copy paste is not understand buyer so frist of all you properly read buyer request type or send :wink:

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Thanks for your nice advise.

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Thank you so much for your cordial support

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Thank you so much for your cordial response

no copy paste bro
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Yes, This is good topic.
If copy/paste Fiverr don’t show buyer.
Better you write every topic wise write message

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Good thing, I support you advice.

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thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Everyone should avoid copy paste job proposal.

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Try to avoid copy/paste on buyer request. You can highlight some keyword on your proposal what the buyer wants from a seller.

There is nothing wrong with Copy & Paste in any communication, SO LONG AS you only paste in the framework and not the actual conversation.

Hi X

I would like to talk with your further about your XXX job

My background in this is XXX

The offer I can make is XXX

Looking forward to chatting to make sure I have the right offer to solve your XXX situation if you could press that button.

My Name

This saves you having to reinvent the wheel every time. Just be sure that you actually transform that from that skeleton into a living, breathing message.


p.s. make your own framework to paste in as if everyone copies that one then customers are going to be freaked when they get essentially the same letter from 75 (apparently) different sellers.


Thank you so much for sharing awesome tips. Just one question I wish to ask you. Should I send an offer against a request which already has many offers. Kindly take a while and elucidate all of us. There is always a confusion. For instance I, sometime find a request of my choice but I forego it as I see almost 50 offers are already there. Your device, please.

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I am always typing buyer requests but still, I don’t get any orders.

What should I do?