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Sending a sample file as response to buyer request


Hi folks - how do I send a sample file as a response to a buyer request? A guy is asking for a bassline to his track which he attached as part of the request. I have recorded a sample for him and wanted to send it to him for his consideration but can’t find any way to send the sample as part of the buyer request custom offer. Can anyone help at all?


Two possibilities come to mind:

  1. In the custom offer, tell the buyer that you have created a sample file as per his request, and ask him to message you to get it, because the platform doesn’t allow you to attach the file within the offer.

  2. Upload the sample to DropBox or similar site, and send your buyer the link within the custom offer.


Good Suggestions, @catwriter. I think we can do one of these two; but asking the buyer to contact us for sample is little inconvenient for most buyers I faced till now. No one did that!

I wish there was an option to upload a sample along with the Custom Order. It has been long and Fiverr should get this added.

I am reviving this topic as I did not want to start one more thread and miss out on the fabulous suggestions as well. Hope this helps.

Anyone else has anything else to say on this? Please feel free!!

:bulb: Maitri


Are you new to Fiverr? @liquidlettuce


Sorry mate, you missed it.
I do not intend to offend you - but your comments in both the posts I replied to recently show that you have no idea what the topics were about.

Please do not skip the gun.

Relax. :innocent:

Please read the questions in the topics carefully and try to understand where the questions are coming from.

  1. Everyone knows what an Inbox is and what you can do there.

If you think the second point is wrong, please suggest. This is what we are trying to solve here!!


See, I told you :slight_smile: You didn’t read it carefully earlier. It is always good to read carefully :wink:

Anyways, I hope to get working suggestions here.
Still looking…


Perhaps it’s not the matter of convenience. Perhaps they were not interested.


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