Sending an Email for Fiverr Terms of Service (TOS) Updated


Hi Everyone,

I would like to make a suggestion to send updates whenever Fiverr Terms of Service (TOS) have been updated because most sellers have been affected by recent TOS updates. So, I think it’s best if Fiverr sends us an email regarding the updates / changes that have been made. PayPal does the same :slight_smile: Otherwise, we will never know until we receive a warning message from Fiverr that we violated Fiverr TOS.



Or until you check the ToS on your own, which is a good idea if you wish to avoid getting banned.

I agree that an email informing us about the changes would be great, and not just the ToS, but the policies, features, and pretty much every important change, too.


Yeah, I totally agree, but anyone would agree with the fact that it’s quite difficult to go through the entire TOS over and again :slight_smile:

If you have gone through the Fiverr Forum, you would have noticed that many Fiverr sellers have got their accounts banned due to TOS violations and unfortunately, most of them were unintentionally violating Fiverr TOS :slight_smile:


A lot of those have never read the ToS (they violated the rules that have been there from the beginning, like no exchange of personal contact information, multiple accounts, and so on). So far I have seen only one seller who was banned for trying to trade a refund for a feedback removal.

I still agree that Fiverr should do better when it comes to informing us about the policy changes. We should get official emails, not learn about the updates on the forum and by bugging the Customer Support.