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Sending an email reply doesn't update the order

When you receive an email saying your order has been updated, hitting reply will not update the seller. You have to come to the fiverr platform and update it. At least as far as I know and I’ve purchased things on Fiverr as a buyer.

I am really hoping this helps someone not have to deal with the insanity I am dealing with right now.

Yes, communication occurs on the Fiverr platform, not on email. Most emails probably say something like “Do not respond to this email” or something similar.

I guess you’ve learned your lesson now, though.

I knew that. But I’m now being harassed for a refund because a buyer didn’t. And another buyer is blackmailing me for a feedback removal after they didn’t follow the freakin’ instructions. I am so over buyers today.

Ah, see your post didn’t include those details.

The only thing that could help would be to say “Send me a message on Fiverr” or something within you message. Not that you can see these things coming, of course.