Sending an invoice


Hello fellow fiver users.
I’m pretty new to fiverr only started out 3 days ago with my logo design gig. Got my first 2 orders today and i’ve hit a wall in one of them. One person didn’t simply order something off my gig but send me an inbox message stating what he wants , we met an agreement but i can’t send an offer to him, also what he simply asked was me to send him an invoice so he can pay. How can i send him an offer through fiverr?


You need to create a custom offer and when the customer accepts they pay.


What he meant was send him the option where he can pay to purchase your service.

So follow @lloydsolutions advice above.

There simply isn’t an invoicing option on Fiverr.


My gig is pending on approval atm. Can that be the reason i can’t send a custom offer, because i have been trying for the next 30minutes.