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Sending an Offer to Buyers Request?

When sending an Offer in Buyers Request, how should I write? Should I be more friendly or more Professional?
Can you provide me with any template that works.

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don’t send a template, buyers can tell.
write how you’re perfect for the job and state the necessities such as price range and time it will take to do the job. Add any thing else that would go in your favor such as awards or experience


Dear @zerosixart

First write who are you.
Then how is your experience.
After how are you complete buyers Project

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Of course… He should do that.

good idea… I will definitely use it. :slight_smile:


I avoid people that start with, “Hi dear”.

Then, with What do you suggest to start?

Just ‘Hi’ or Hi, my name is

yeah @uns109 That’s the Point

You should write in professional way.