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Sending Buyer Font License

So I am using a font, MADE Mirage, on my buyer’s Stationary designs, but I personally don’t own the font license and cannot buy it because I don’t have a credit card on me. The buyer also want the font so that he can change the text whenever he wants.
I was thinking to give buyer the link of the font, from where he can buy the license. Will that be okay?

Please answer my query

You are using the font to create a commercial product as you are selling on Fiverr. You should buy the font license for yourself first and foremost.

What if I send the text as shapes, will I still have to buy the font?
The client wants the file editable so he can change the text whenever he wants.

What should I do? I cannot buy the font since I don’t have a credit card.

If you draw the mcdonalds logo instead of copying it from their website, it’s still mcdonalds logo and it’s still a breach of a trademark and copyright.


Yes.I think you can.But on the other hand, you represent a service, so this is your problem. You can add an extra service for such cases, I believe that the buyer himself should not buy a font.

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The font is free for personal use. Try different file in source file and send it to the client. Then, if the buyer wants he/she can buy rights for commercial use of font.

So you are saying that I should use a different font in the files, and ask the buyer to buy the font and change it themselves? right?

Yes I understand that, but as I told you I cannot buy the font myself, but the client can.

Yes, use a similar font

As far as I know, since you will use it for commercial purposes, you should get its license.
If he is a friendly buyer, you can explain it to him.

Okay. Can I ask the buyer to purchase the font license and transfer it to me? Or can he buy a license which can allow both of us to use the font?

I think if the buyer buys it, it can be used for his project. But I’m skeptical about whether you can use it later.

No, I won’t be using the font later since this project only uses that specific font so it’s a part of their brand identity.

So should I ask the buyer to buy the font before delivering?

Maybe you can. I am not sure.

It is very simple:

DO NOT sell or offer ANYTHING that you do not own or have a licence to use at the moment you are offering / delivering it.

People take stuff like copyright very lightly on Fiverr, but that is not a good Idea, easy way to get burned fast.


Let’s go back to the begining for a moment.
Why this font was used in the first place? Did buyer approach you and said “I want this particular font”. Then he should buy the rights.

Did you show the font to them as a sample and they were like “Yeah, I like this one.” Then you should buy the font. Because why would you even show it to buyers in the first place, if you have no rights to it.

If they were just looking for a font in that style and not this particular font, just keep looking and find a similar font with free license.

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Yep, I made a huge mistake without realizing it. I thought that I can send files with the font link so that the buyer can purchase the license, but now I got to know that I have to purchase it.

Learned from my mistake. I guess I’ll try to convince the buyer to allow me to use a similar looking font which is free.