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Sending Buyer requests

Hi, Fiverr community Greetings,

As I am a new seller on Fiverr. I have noticed that while sending the buyer request …on a single offer there are already about 50 or sometimes more than 100 requests sent I just want to ask that

Is there any way to how to dominate your offer in all of these or
Any tip to send the buyer request so the buyer can see your post??

please let me know that what is the best process to send buyer requests so that your request can be seen by the buyer ??


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Nope. The only way to win the job is to offer the best deal out of all 50-100 of those offers. And, since you will never know what those other offers are, you’re going to have to figure out how to present yourself and your services so that you stand out from any crowd. You, however, are going to have to figure out how to do this. After all, YOU are the seller competing for the job. So… figure out how to be the best.

Every buyer will see all of the seller offers that they receive. If your offer is eye-catching, and provides the right solution for that buyer’s needs, they may even read your offer. There are, however, no secret tricks to being seen. Offer a top seller offer, be honest, be patient, and don’t get worked up when you don’t hear from any buyers.

The only thing you can do is send a great, well-written offer. The rest is outside of your control.

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thank you for your response:heart_eyes:

Hi Maira,

Welcome to Fiverr community. Well answered from @jonbaas. You can also check these great tips for buyer requests.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Hasnain Ali

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Thank you very much Hasnain Ali…this is really appreciated …thank you for your response…:heartbeat::heartbeat:

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one question please.

when we should send the request ?? i mean instantly when the offer appears or we should wait read carefully because while doing this there are round about 50 offer sent …so wot should we do??

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You are Welcome :blush:

Yes try your best to send as soon as you can because sometimes buyers are in hurry(Not true in all cases, Sometimes they wait and check all available options). But keep in mind not send request without out reading their requirements carefully. Means sending your Pre-built proposals is not a good choice.

If this takes little time it doesn’t matter because I don’t think you are taking one day to reading that carefully :cowboy_hat_face:.

Attach your best in the proposal that may relate to their Work.

Good Luck.
Hasnain Ali :dizzy:

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Well, You can send an offer anytime(as long as the offer live). Read carefully what buyers want then write to the point. If you write an eye catching offer that meets all that buyers want with reasonable price set, you will definitely success whether there are 50 or 70 bids.


thank you for your response:heartbeat: