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Sending Cancelling Request


Hi every one,
I just want know if buyer like to cancel the order, if seller send the mutual cancellation request is harmful on ratings?


Customer Support tells that it depends on which option you and your buyer choose for the mutual cancellation.
Some are harmless… some are not.


Could you explain it a bit?


What is there you would like me to explain?
There are different options to ask for a mutual cancellation. You need to ask your buyer or your buyer needs to ask you, both have to agree depending on the real cause for that mutual cancellation.
If your question means to know which one is harmless, this I don’t know it myself.


Read this to get the better idea about mutual cancellation!

From my personal experience, Mutual cancellation is the worst thing to do. Same side effects as the cancellation without a bad review. :confused: :confused:


Thanks friend :slight_smile: