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Sending custom order


i give custom order to buyer. But did not get any final confirmation.Buyer told me for sending customer offer to him. finally will i get order. one thinks he told me as - Alright. Give me a few days. Send me a custom order for $25


Is this a question?


I’m afraid I don’t really understand what you are trying to say/ask here…


I am guessing that you sent custom offer to buyer and buyer said that they will get back to you in few days…

Maybe buyer changed their mind, or you really need to wait for few days…


Have patience,
The buyer probably is not ready to place an order from you, if he asked you to send a custom order, then it means he is willing to buy from you.
Dont push it, give him his space and time.
if you push him or ask him again n again, he probably get annoyed and cancel or decline the custom order.
So have patience, and wait for him to respond on your custom order.

Keep helping. :slight_smile:


thanks for advising me


Wait it is more likely that buyer may not come back. Move on to other projects…

Good luck!