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Sending draft to customers

Hi fiverr
Please can anyone explain to me what it means to draft out a logo, I need this answer ASAP…
Thanks for your time

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A ‘draft’ is a first-attempt at something. It’s usually referring to a rough idea. With a logo, this could be a sketch or a drawing to get the look and feel right before you commit too much time or work.

You usually submit a draft to someone for review, and then make necessary changes to it.

A ‘first-draft’ would be the first attempt. A ‘second-draft’ would be the second attempt and so-on.

Thanks but could you give me a more facial example.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by a ‘facial’ example?

I mean a sketch of a logo

Are you asking me to sketch a logo for you???

Because if you are, then no.


If you had sent a sample to the buyer instead will one still be needing to send draft

A sample is like me saying to you “send me some examples of previous work you have done”.

A draft is me saying “I want a red logo with a house and my company name. Please send me a draft of that design.”

A sample can be very generic. But a draft is very specific.

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Okay thanks for your advice

Hi Israel. I checked your gigs and noticed that you are using copyrighted material. You are using someone else’s work, and saying that it is yours. Please remove all material that you did not create from your gigs. (These are Fiverr TOS violations) and ultimately… stealing.


Yes that is because I am a graphics designer but I don’t know what to write

You can use previous work or your own logos, as stated before using someone else work is against ToS and you should remove them.

Also in your logo design gig, it’s clear that you just copy-pasted someone else description, I would suggest you to change that since it’s against ToS too and you are not a TRS nor have over 5k reviews.

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I would change it, thanks