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Sending fast offer

Anyone know about sending really fast offer to buyer request? Any tip or any browser extension for that? Everytime I try to sending offer every buyer request reached 10 or more offers within seconds. How they do that?

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im also want to know?

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It’s not really about how fast you send a buyer request offer. Well, it doesn’t really hurt to be among the top ten applicants, but that’s not the main criteria by which buyers sift through the offers that they have received.

Every buyer request offer that you send needs to be tailored to that particular BR. You need to go through the BR carefully and respond accordingly… Try to understand what the buyer is looking for and be very precise in your response.

Using ready-made templates to respond to BR offers is definitely not gonna help.

I have successfully received orders despite, sometimes, being only the 20th person to respond to a BR.

Also, if you are interested in learning how to write an awesome BR offer, here is a forum post that might be of help to you-


Great Info brother !

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Thank you for the info <3

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What hanshuber said is so accurate. It doesn’t hurt if you happen to be able to write fast or to have a little template you can customize to increase your speed by a small amount but you would NEVER want to use an extension for this.

Those people who just copy/paste or use some browser extension to send out fast offers are wasting their time for the most part. Even if they get a sale, if they can’t do the job they’ll end up canceling or getting a bad review. The buyer gets upset and the buyer never uses BR again and perhaps never uses a new seller again.

Always take the time to make a well-crafted proposal even if you don’t get to send as many or if yours is not one of the first. When you do win one, you’ll have a much better chance of doing well with that job, getting good reviews and moving up to where you rarely need Buyer Requests.