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Sending free traffic to Fiverr Gigs


Some Fiverr Seller getting traffic from some free website and tools.Is it perfect way to getting traffic ? Does Fiverr allow it? IDK know how fiverr thinks about it. If anyone have a clear concept about it. Please comment

Thanks in Advance

Delower Hossain


I doubt Fiverr allows this. They are quite strict on their ToS. What would be the point of the traffic unless they are buyers?


The free traffic website and tools only allows to view gigs. The seller can’t get any click from it… I think that’s why Fiverr invented Conversation rate.


If it is not human traffic, if it is not a traffic from people interested in your Gig/services, it is worthless anyway. I will stay away from it and I am sure Fiverr has mechanism in place to identify this kind of traffic and block it.


I agree with you…

But they’re getting huge traffic everyday and their gigs are in first position in search result… That’s why i came here to discuss about it :frowning: