Sending Info/Data to My Fiverr Seller


How am I supposed to send info like ‘Phone Numbers,’ ‘Email Addresses’ etc.etc. to the Fiverr Website Developer since these data is off limits per Fiverr Agreement? This is the info needed on my website, flyer, business card etc…

Awaiting Response :((


And I’ll add make sure that you keep a record of everything about the order. Just in case there’s any problem later, you’ll be able to present your information to Customer Service.

There probably wont be any issues. Many of the gigs on Fiverr require that kind of information. :slight_smile:


Since it is for a gig it is allowed; you just have to be careful about 2 things. Don’t utilize or ask the seller to utilize your contact info for anything except the gig materials. Don’t put your contact info in the main body of a message to the seller because the filters on Fiverr could cause a slowdown in message delivery or other problems. Instead, put your instructions for the seller in a text file and attach it to your message.