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Sending Links through fiverr messages

One of my Buyers asked me to maintain a facebook page for his company and he will pay me monthly. So he sent me his username and his password through fiverr messages. His Username was an email and i Sent him the link of the created page. Is that will be a problem for my fiverr account and how to go through if that is?


Yes. It will be a problem. These information’s should only be shared within order communication and when it is obvious from the service being provided that such data needs to be shared.

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how to get over from it

If they notice they will give you warning. You need to be careful not to get more then 3 warnings and all will be OK:

warning means a message directly to the account?


They will send email you violated TOS.

I did that because of the unawareness. So 3 chances means i will get a chance right?

Yes. You have 3 strikes option but if let say you repeat same two times, you get banned immediately.

This is what can happen: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!