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Sending mail or contact number

I’m a new seller on fiverr. Sometimes buyers want to add their mail or contact number on their website. Recently I completed a order and the buyer sent his email to me via order page. Is it legal? Or is it safe for my account? If not, then what can i do in this situation ?

Thanks in advance .


Though I’m also new but I believe you are safe since it’s part of the job🤔


Buyer can share his/her mail or anything on his responsibilities.

but you don’t try to share your mail or anything against Fiverr TOS.

Be careful. Best of luck.


It’s not safe. Don’t do it again.

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If you have an order created with the client, it’s no problem. But most of cases that is not recommended for your account safety. I think that the contact information might be critical problem when it is real contact purpose in outside of fiverr. To be more safe you’d better more chatting there after it.

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In this scenario you mentioned above, it is 100% safe. but you must have an ongoing order with that particular buyer and this information should be shared only within the order page.

ToS reference:


in this case, you have done it on the safer side

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@mushfiq_ayon thanks for your timing. I will never do it .

@kanggyong1 , It wasn’t for contact propose, the buyer want to add that mail to his website , that’s why he sent that .

Thanks for sharing this info. It might help both me and other new sellers.

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Sometimes If that needed. Try to take them from order page.

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As far as i know, It is not Safe.

Fiverr TOS states otherwise🤷‍♂️