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Sending messages, not working, anyone else having this issue?

I’m not able to respond to clients, for some reason I type out the message and it never sends, anyone else having this issue currently?


I am having the same issue as well. Quite frustrating :frowning:

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yes same problem.and I received two payments from my card and no order was placed.

i also have issuses to ataching files

So looks like the possibly server lag, my messages came through after about 10 minutes… just aheads up.

I’m having the same issue I need to submit a file to my client

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Same here, gotta deliver the order and time is running out.

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Same here, I can’t send messages nor offers

Facing the same problem!

Same here very dissaponted as I tried many times to send messages or images to ongoing work :frowning:

Order not delivering.

Maybe the problem is solved now.

Yes same issue here. I have delivered an order twice and turned out it was delivered without the attachments. Sent the files attached to a message and it’s not delivered either. I remember this has happened before and Fiverr staff fixed it. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:

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I’m also facing this issue.

same here. I cant receive a file as a buyer

This is a temporary glitch. Should be fixed soon…

Having same issue too here.

Same, It’s also for me

I thought, my account got blocked or something, that’s why i was not able to send. Now i am so much relieved.

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Same here, I can’t send any message to the client.