Sending money to other's paypal


I didn’t wanna bother the customer support at first. Im sure they have loads of things going on all the time so i came here.

Here’s the thing. Im from Bangladesh. Im on fiverr from last month and in our country we do not have PayPal.

Im having problem making a Payoneer Acc so I decided to send my money to my brothers account who lives in USA.

Is it against any fiverr’s rules? Please I need professional’s help in this one coz we are talking money here. So lets not take any risks here.



Nope, You can send it to his PayPal if you have access to that account. Email verification will need to complete the process.


Thank you so much for the quick reply bro! I never used it before, so can you explain what you mean when you say “email verification”.

i tried it once and i got to the point where you have to put your paypal account’s email there.

im thinking of making an account myself as my bro told me he can make me one with his info but i only will use it.

I thank you again for your time. :slight_smile:


Email means your brother’s PayPal email. You can’t create a new one from Bangladesh. Use your brother’s PayPal email. Verification message will be sent on that email, you need to follow instructions to continue withdraw…


Thanks brother for helping me out :slight_smile: :v: