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Sending offers and gig services are same but delivery,amount,numbers of photo are different

Hi please help me
I am new at fiver, i offers photo editing services, guys in buyer request we send offers to different buyers all of them have different need. so i send offer according to there requirements.But gig and which offer i have send, both have same services but the difference is that delivery days, amount and numbers of photo are slightly different.
So it can effect me?
It can confused the buyer?

Awesome question.
Lets wait and see what the experts will say about this.

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thanks for coming…

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you too bro you can visit my gigs if you don’t mind.

not no how to see
send me the link.

Hi,send BR according to buyer’s need.

okay but when he will give me the job
it will be according to gig
recently it was happen to me. in offer which i have send in that there was 2 day i time. but when he buy my gig, it was 1 day time.

U can tell him or sent it through BR.that u will do the job in 1 day or wot ever time it will take.

okay i will do