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Sending Offers Available

Hello, as the title suggests. I would like to ask two specific questions regarding 10 offers you could send every day.
1- At what exact time they are re-instated to 10? This would be helpful in using offers wisely.
2- How do you think a new seller like myself could use them best?
Any tips would be helpful, Cheers.

On question 1 - Fiverr doesn’t release those on a regular schedule. I am sure that’s on purpose. If they did, it would be unfair to people in varied time zones. Some people would be hovering over the button to refresh them to gain advantage and for people who live in a time zone where it might be 3AM, they would have to set an alarm! :wink:

On question 2, I have no idea without looking at your gigs. For specific gig help, ask in the Improve my Gig category instead of here.

Thanks, well yeah it might be unfair but it could also mean that we specifically the new sellers would have a better idea to utilize all offers before they actually re-instate them back to the 10! I usually use them all but there are often miss out and don’t make use of few.

You can post in the Suggestion Box if you want to add a suggestion that Fiverr post the time those are released. Never hurts although I would be surprised if they did it. They don’t generally read other parts of the forum, though, so that’s your best shot other than just sending them your suggestion in a Support Team ticket.