Sending offers to buyers request


IN My GIG i offer my services for 5$, some buyers request budget is 100$. in that time can i send higher amount than my gig offering amount as a example $20 like.


Not a good idea.
Some “buyers” bid for $100 only to collect offers.
Some others actually bid for $100, but then they check if you normally charge as much.
Stick to your price list.


it mean we should offer our gig offer only. am i right?


pacquo can you give me a idea to convert buyers


You should shape an offer based on your Gig.
You may apply a discount or charge extra (depending upon the task), but keeping your Gig as reference.
If you notice that buyers have budgets consistently higher than your prices you should consider raising them. Keep also in mind that big orders may backfire.

Try to send a “specific” offer, not a canned reply. Proofread the text before sending it.


Ohh Thats a good lesson to my works. thanks for it pcquo


specific offer means can you describe it somewhat


An offer that is referred to the content of the request, and that explains some of its details (the delivery time, the eventual extras and so on). If the buyer is “laconic” you can point out that, in order to make a more accurate offer, you need to know some more details. Nothing too long.


image I learned a new word! Thanks Pacquo!


got it pacquo. its very useful to me


you’re right i also learn it




I agree. I used to add a small discount to my buyer request responses. Ex. instead of $10 for 500, I would offer $10 for 600 words.