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Sending physical objects

Hi. In this gig I built a physical object (diorama) for my client and I’m ready to ship it to him.

How should I proceed now? Should I deliver the last milestone and then send the package or send it and wait for the package to arrive to deliver the last milestone? Once sent I’ll have a tracking number to follow the package and know when it arrived.

Thanks for your help


I understand the value of that generic post for new sellers. But I don’t see there any specific answer/tip to my question. I already searched the forum and didn’t find a concrete topic about my issue.

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Have you read this yet?

There’s a “Shipping Physical Deliverables” section in the ToS, too.



Just read it. Thanks for your help.

The "Shipping Physical Deliverables” section in the ToS is a different thing from the link you shared? If so, where can I find it? I don’t know what ToS stands for. :-/

From what I can tell, the tracking number is what you deliver as proof of work done.

(ToS is ‘Terms of Service’. EVERY user is supposed to have read them when they signed up for Fiverr. If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest you do. I added a link to the ToS in my previous post.)

. Fiverr Help and Education Center

I understood the same. Deliver the last milestone with the tracking number.

Once you post the link it was clear. I just wasn’t associating the initials and it’s two in the morning here.

Thanks for your help. You were great.

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