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Sending proofs vs sending files

Hey everyone!
I am very new to Fiverr and just received my 3rd sale. I do logo design and have a question. My gig is almost due to the client which I sent the proofs through the platform but what happens if they don’t respond before that timeframe? My rating will go down? I can’t deliver the files because they haven’t approved them and would need to send the source and vector files when I deliver. Please help me to understand as I don’t want a bad mark against my time. I delivered the proofs well before the gig ended so it doesn’t count?!

No it doesn’t count.
It counts only if you deliver your order with a deliver button.

If you finished your work you should properly deliver your files and if your buyer needs a revision then they will request a revision through the system and if they are satisfied they will just approve your order and leave a review. That’s how fiverr works.

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I second what @mariashtelle1 said.

Just make sure there is no value usability in the proofs. It’s strange what some people try to run away with.

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Why would they have to approve them? Usually you just do the job and send them what you did, by using the delivery button. Send the entire job with the delivery with all attached files.

They can request a revision if they need to. You cannot spend every order waiting on the buyer to approve what you did can you?

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