Sending .psd file to Create Space to print


This is my first time using to create my book cover, and I don’t know how to send the cover to Create Space. Can someone help me?



Create space ? What’s that


Hi Julie!

It sounds like your book cover designer sent the source file to you (you can make changes to it in Photoshop).

Ask the seller to send the design in PDF format, that’s the format CreateSpace will want you to upload.

Good luck,


Hi Sydney,

She sent it to me as a .jpg and a .psd. The .jpg is all three parts of the cover - front, spine, and back, all in a line. Is that how Create Space wants it? I have the .jpg saved in a folder on my computer, can I change that into a PDF? I just tried and it didn’t work.

I had asked her to design it using the criteria required by Create Space and she said she did. I will go back and ask her to re-send it as a PDF.

Thanks for the info,


I’m not familiar with Create Space but you can google that and read about what they want rather than asking people on the forum. You need to learn what it wants for yourself so you do it right.

I see the cover and interior need to be .PDF:

Here is a free site that will convert ,jpg to .PDF files:

Here, I googled it for you:


Hi, you can create a pdf file if you have the PSD(source file), open it and save as PDF.


Thank you. I can’t open the .psd file in my computer, I guess I don’t have the program necessary. I’ll send it over to someone else and see if he can open it.



Glad to help you. You can open PSD file using Adobe Photoshop(if you have installed in your computer).


I don’t think I have that program, is it something I need to buy?


I think your intention is to get the pdf file not the Adobe Photoshop, right? You can ask your previous seller or anyone else to convert psd file into pdf.


if you want to make some edits in the future then you have to buy that program as well


I searched for it and there were several places offering it. I want to stick with the trial version that is on because I don’t want to pick up a virus. I hope it’s not confusing as I’m not good on the computer, it’s so far out of my world.

I appreciate your advice on this. My main concern is how to get this book cover to Create Space so i can print the book. A learning experience!



Yes, you can use free trial version and there is no virus if you download from official website as you mentioned


I downloaded it and will read the directions tomorrow. Hopefully it’s easy to do, or I can find someone who can teach me.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.



Hi Miss Crystal,

Thank you for your response. I looked at the specifications for Create Space and it’s so far over my head that I need to find someone knowledgeable who can help.

I read the Terms for the free version of the program that will change the .psd file to a PDF. It doesn’t sound good to me so I’ll buy it. Thank you for sending it to me.

Still a lot for a computer-dinosaur to do, but at least I have a starting place.

I appreciate your help!



Install photoshop software, Cs6 or higher version and you can open psd file. Then split the spaces and add trim & safety for print cut and save pdf file in 300dpi CMYK color.
Also check if the size of cover is the same as you want to print your book.