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Sending scanned images


I scan and send my drawings but a customer had said when they ha e put it into there book theres a pinkish blueish tinge to the background (white background) im not sure what the correct term is. But don’t suppose anyone knows how to remove it and send her a cleaner image? Thanks in advance.


Hello. I think your Buyer need a Clean Background copy. if yes, I suggest you, Clean your Picture Background with Photoshop little work and resend it. you Easily can do it by your self. just Search on the youtube like " how to erase background image in photoshop", “how to clean background in photoshop”

thank you


Thats great thankyou so much. Could i do it in illustrator?


Yes you can also do it by Illustrator. you can use ‘erase tool’ on illustrator to clean the background and there is also many way to clean background.

and you are Welcome!