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Sending the rights to the image for commercial use

Hi there! Could someone please explain me what does sending the rights to the image for commercial use actual means? Of course, I do understand the basic idea of giving someone the right to dispose of your image for other than personal use (so to say). But my (actually silly) question is how do you do that? Is some sort of verbal agreement or…? I’m sorry if someone already answered to a similar question but i haven’t been able to find it.

Thank you!

According to Fiverr’s system, unless you specify otherwise in your gig description, copyrights to what you create for the buyer automatically transfer to them at the moment you deliver your work. You don’t need to do anything. The terms of service for Fiverr state that the seller agrees to automatic transfer to the seller upon delivery – unless the seller choose to indicate in the gig that he/she keeps part of or all of those copyrights.

Legally-speaking, anything created by someone (artwork, a story, a logo, a poem, etc) is automatically owned by that person, and copyright law reinforces this. If you create something original, you own the copyrights to it. On Fiverr, the rules of this site state that those copyrights remain with the design, so delivery then becomes the automatic transmission of the work and the copyrights.

Reply to @jonbaas: Oh, i see now. I should have probably read some more FAQs or agreement term before asking. Anyway, thank you.

Reply to @ruxandradraws:

You’re welcome. Yeah, the Fiverr FAQ and Terms of Service are remarkable sources of useful information. :wink: