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Sending Video of Oneself as Part of an Order

I offer a tarot reading gig and presently deliver the results via a typed report in Word. This is time consuming both for me, and for the buyer, since the reading and explaining take less time than the typing. Communication outside of Fiverr is prohibited by the Terms of Service, and this is not what I wish to achieve.

My question is, would it be appropriate to record myself doing the reading, then deliver the file to the client? Would it be wise to check with CS first? Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

From what I know, delivering audio and video products is allowed. As long as you don’t provide any contacting details inside, you should be fine. :+1:
I’ve seen people providing audio recordings with their service that is similar to yours, since it’s much easier to record yourself talking than to write.

But getting clearance from CS won’t hurt either.


I am 99% sure you’d be fine sending a video of yourself giving readings, lessons, speeches or anything else you wanted to provide that way. I don’t know of any prohibitions for that unless they violate ToS some other way.

A running caption at the bottom of the video with your name and phone number would be a bad idea (ha) or any other outside contact or payment info. I’m not going to say I’m 100% sure because editorial focus changes on a dime, so it never hurts to ask Support and if they say it’s cool, keep a screenshot.

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All you need need to look out for is famous Youtubers buying from you and roasting you. Poor Jesus has been done twice now :(.

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People do that? That reflects more on them than on me.

It doesn’t bother me. :slight_smile: I’ve dealt with enough ‘haters’ that it rolls off of me anymore.

You should be bothered. If Fiverr thinks you being featured in a video has brought the platform into disrepute, they could ban you. (Like they did Jesus twice.) Then you’ll only get back in with help of an army of outrages SM followers banging on Fiverr’s door,

I’m not saying this will happen. However, there seems to be a resurgence in 'poke fun at/criticize Fiverr videos. In this case maybe wait and use that time to find out what happened to the only other tarot card reader I know of who delivered videos of himself doing readings…

I never understood what the seller fault was being reviewed by a famous Youtube guy and why banned for this?

They were banned because they recorded themselves on the video doing something they shouldn’t be doing. The famous YouTube guy just made that recording viral by showing it on his channel.


Hey, Josh! :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Wait… So, I’ll get see your beard live in action?! :stuck_out_tongue:

When in doubt have a chat with CS.

Personally, speaking I think it would be coolio if you offered video readings. Maybe, offering videos would make you stand out from the rest. :wink:


i hope fiverr will add video live chatting ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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great point. I was actually thinking of delivering some video for something and now I’m reconsidering. It wasnt necessary but I thought it would be nice. Not going to do it now just to be safe.

I actually rethought this over and a good way to do it would be to use watermarked videos which clearly state they can’t be published online or redistributed. I’d still be too paranoid, though. I’ve been terrified of Youtube ever since I discovered swatting.

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I’ve done live tarot on other platforms to great success, but I don’t want to offer it on those platforms anymore, only on Fiverr! I’ve got a face cam, and a cam which focuses on the card, so the client can see them up close! It adds authenticity.

For a buyer, I think this would be a great experience! Nobody wants to sit and take 15 minutes to read a 3-page document about their tarot reading–they want it explained to them so their eyes are free while they’re listening!
And you get to see the beard in action. I think I will shoot a message to CS, ask them about the situation, and with their approval, offer the service. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help, everyone on the forums!


People sell video-based products and services all over Fiverr. Why not change your gig specifically to provide a video of a custom Tarot reading?

You can buy custom videos of all sorts of stuff. Heck… one guy will sell a video of himself doing a flip while holding a custom sign. Weird, but it’s out there.

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Those sorts of videos (like “sign holding”) are being/have been removed by Fiverr for not being in their editorial focus or something like that.


Sadly, 5r is slowly getting rid of the “Fun Gigs” a few still remain but gigs like signage/modelling/jungle eating :watermelon: were all denied. I :heart: silly gigs, as a human I can’t be so serious all the time. :clown_face:

Hmm sounds great! :ok_hand:t4: :heart_eyes:
I think I’d order a gig just because. :wink:

It definitely makes sense to offer a :video_camera: video. I’m more than confident CS will give you the green :vertical_traffic_light: light.

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Sorry to detract from the serious discussion y’all seem to be having on the topic but I almost read the title of the post as-

"Sending oneself as part of an order"

I thought I’d share it with y’all :rofl:


I offer a tarot reading gig and presently deliver the results via a typed report in Word. This is time consuming both for me, and for the buyer, since the reading and explaining take less time than the typing.

You could also send a typed version as well as a video version. For a quicker typed version you could use speech recognition software. If you wanted you could alternatively create a video with the text and the cards (eg. doesn’t have to be actual shot video) - like an explainer type video.

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Currently checking USPS regulations on shipping live humans.

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I’ve got the go-ahead from CS! I wanted to get it in writing. :slight_smile:
I shot a video for the gig and everything! Now we’re in business. :sunglasses:

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