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Sending work samples to client


Some of my buyers wants to see my work samples which I have completed (Web development ) .
Can I send them those links of my previous client’s website ?
or should I send them the screenshots of my previous client’s website ?
or how can I do this ?

Sometimes client sends me some link of some website to show me their desired website .
They want me to make their website like the link website which they sent me .
Will It do any harm to my website ?

Thanks in advance.


This is normal things .And checking a desired website is not harmful . If the buyer told you to pay or sign on their given website then do not do this . Otherwise you can send sample and take reference website url .This is common.


This is the normal behavior of your clients in this situation.

But if your gig is not new and have reasonable feedback they may not ask you to show your work.

But yes they always show a website to show how they want their website to look like.


Thank you so much for your help .


Thank you so much for your help.


Yess You can any sample You created before


can I send them website links ?


I do not see any problem to show a portfolio .A reference website from buyer is good for a designer…However that’s his choice .He will show or not …

Thanks for the valuable comment.