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Seniors need suggestion

Dear Seniors,
It has been passed one month, i make gigs on seniors suggestion that how to make it,
but still i didn`t get any order yet, also not showing ( Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views )

Please give me advise what kind of mistake is doing that i set it better, i also did SEO, as mostly advise me, you can check my gig are showing on mostly first page.

Please need your advise according of your experience that would be cheer me up!

thanks friends,

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Hi @zobbi_designs

to be honest, you play on a very crowded field with no need specific talent.
Background removal, Adjust brightness etc, remove dust etc, is very basic skill.
You won’t have any strong point at all to differentiate with your competitor.

My suggestion is to make other gigs that show your unique services, where most of “new designer” can’t do it

If not, you will have hard time ry to get any first beside depend on luck :frowning:

That is appreciated, and by your advise change my mind, i seek something different,
thanks a lot bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: