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Sensitive buyer

Just had to share this - it happened a few minutes ago.

I get a message from a buyer, asking if I can record a script and how quickly can I do it. So I download the script and take a look.

It’s about the selling and ahem…‘investing’ in illegal substances.

Now, bear in mind this is the first piece of correspondence this person recieves from me:

“Sorry, due to my workload I can’t help you out. Good luck.”

The reply?

“I don’t understand? Is it the topic? Or is it me?”

Whoa there, Cheech. You might want to stop ingesting the stuff that you are investing in and then maybe you wouldn’t be so paranoid and sensitive. Your response in itself is very telling.

I wanted to say that, but instead I just blocked and reported them.

Also, I tried looking at their profile before I blocked them; it briefly flashed up for a nanosecond and then nothing.


Hilarious! :joy:

I get these characters once in a while. One tried to convince me that I’d be perfect for his :smoking: project. Yeah, OK and no thanks bud.

Viewing Buyers Profiles is a :beetle: buggy situation right now.

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I see what you did there. :joy:


Actually, there is a booming legitimate market in certain smokable leaf penny stocks and ICOs. It all depends where the buyer is located or targeting their services.

That said, I personally avoid such work also. I took on a project from one of the world’s biggest medical grade smokable leaf-derived oil suppliers a while back. Everything seemed legit at first (and cool because of the brand involved). Sadly, I later realized that they were publishing my material to essentially drown out a lot of negative PR caused by their products killing people. (Due to not being what people thought it was).

As for the profile issue, yep. Another day, another bug.



haha! i met one last week. it was a female buyer who wanted me to promote her … ( ahem ) services in the “physical therapy” field :wink:

if you know what i mean! lol… she had even sent some sample photos and wow…it was shocking! :smiley:

i also said " sorry but im kind of booked until next month ( which i am ) and blocked her off. There are losts of old and young people selling services in fiverr. these are weird and awkward moments!

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