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Sent 101 Offers in response of Buyer Request but still NO Order.... Why?

Hi… All Fiverr Family!

Here is a problem with me. I have sent 101 offers to the buyer requests but still I have not granted any order.

I am seriously hurt…to see my without ordered gigs

What I do… Bros… and Sis…

Unfortunately, you might not like to hear this but buyer requests aren’t the most reliable source of income on fiverr (and it takes a long time to send lots of requests every day!)

Instead, I’d take some time to fine-tune and edit your gigs so that the buyers instead come to you! I’ll start with some good news – the design of your gig thumbnails looks great. On some of your gigs however I think you could definitely extend the description a bit. The logo design gig in particular only has 2 lines for a description – this is where you need to sell yourself and establish trust with the potential buyer! Think of anything you can add that makes your service sound more attractive (Your previous professional experience, qualifications, college degrees etc). If you’ve got good spoken English and a phone, you can make a gig video which is also a great way to establish a personal connection with a potential buyer. In short, it’s all about making a connection with your buyer so you should make the description longer and use it to its full potential!

The logo design market is the biggest market on Fiverr, so you’ll be competing against thousands of other sellers. You need to think about what makes your gigs stand out from the rest! A good way to do this is to target smaller, specific markets so that you have less competition from other sellers – for example, you could logo redrawing gig that’s separate from your vector tracing gig, or different gigs for different logo styles. When you get specific, the possibilities are endless! You could think about doing a gig for a minimalist logo, another gig for a Christmas-themed logo, another gig for a sports team logo and more. There are so many people with general logo design gigs that you really need to think about what a buyer is going to specifically search for and then create the gig accordingly!

Sorry if that was a bit long – but I think you’re definitely on the right track! The logo design market is one of the hardest ones to succeed in on fiverr so I wish you the very best of luck

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This may be helpful to you:

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Highly obliged… I am really grateful for detail suggestions.

Regards Zoom Star.

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