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Sent 400+ Buyer R.& gig on my 1st page but no order

hello, someone please help me !!!

I need someone who spends a couple of minutes with me and my Fiverr account and helps me to get my first order.

I have created my Fiverr profile almost 4/5 months back in this year since then I have published 5 separate gigs. Among them, 2 gigs ranked on the first page although I have not got any order yet. Even I have sent approximately 400 buyer requests but the result is the same…

I am looking for some who help me to find out my problems on my Fiverr profile, gigs , buyer request and help me to fix it. If u want I will send u my profile link.



Keep patience . success will come so soon.

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Your five Gigs are the same, offering background removal.

So I typed “background removal” in search bar and got 40.180 New sellers´ Services out of total 44.045 Services available for this category.

I went even deeper in filtering and found out 36.968 New sellers´ Services with budget under $5.

So you compete almost 37.000 Sellers with same service.

Let´s rather face the reality. How is it likely to be successful with this category?


You are allowed to add your Fiverr profile link in this category so just add it to your original post above.

Check this out:


You should only have 1 gig per service. All the gig titles either say “clipping path” or “background removal” or both.

Maybe create an additional gig for a different service, while removing any duplicate gigs.

Also your “I will do professional background removal, clipping path, and photoshop work” gig has no example images of background removal - maybe some could be added. In the main gig image it has a 5 star rating, when putting ratings/badges in the images probably isn’t allowed. Also it’s misleading given that the gig has no ratings.

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As @blavaro has identified, you are competing in one of the most highly populated gig areas on Fiverr. The market is oversaturated. I think this is your main problem.

Your profile and gig descriptions are basically okay (I’ve seen far, far worse).

You do need need to be careful about offering similar gigs though. According to Fiverr’s guidelines, each of your gigs should be distinctive.

At the end of the day you are one of around 40,000 sellers offering $5 photo editing gigs. In my opinion, the world does not need anymore.

Also, I’ve seen some sellers advertise editing 100 photos for $5 - five times as many as you. This is of course crazy - which makes it even more difficult for you to compete.

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@uk1000 what u would suggest to me? Should I keep just 1 gig from 5 and try to publish separate gigs on different criteria like photo retouching, restoration, etc?

Keep patience . success will come so soon]

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@blavaro what do u suggest to me? Should I keep just 1 gig from 5 and try to publish separate gigs on different criteria like photo retouching, restoration, etc?

Yes. If it’s exactly the same service, just have 1 gig for it instead of multiple gigs with slightly different titles. So just have 1 gig for background removal with Photoshop.

Yes create other gigs on different topics, eg. photo retouching/restoring etc.

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@uk1000 u guys really awesome. Thanks for your time and tips.
good luck

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