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Sent 42 offers in buyer request and get 2 orders was usual or unusual?

Hi all.
I have 18 orders completed, and there were 2 of them I got from buyer requests section.
I sent 42 offers in total in buyer requests. was that usual to everyone or am I doing something wrong to get only 2 orders?
Or there are some useful tips when sending an offer that I don’t know?


2 is even good - buyer requests section now is a total mess. Buyers can get 150-100 offers and sometimes they don’t even choose one of them.
I send buyer requests few times, when I needed to buy a service, and some of offers looks like “Hi, I can” or “Give me this work” and that’s it. Some of sellers don’t even read the description - they just send offer and I realize that they just can’t do this work, it’s just impossible.
So the tip is to say hello, show, that you have read the description and ready to offer this service with a good quality, tell, how much time it will take, ask questions, if you have. This will show to the buyer, that you don’t automatically send offers, but you really ready for work

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Hi @olyasr. Thanks so much for your advice. I haven’t sent a request to buy services before, so I have no idea how It looks like on a buyer side.
But when I send an offer as a seller to take a buyer request. It sounds like this.
“Hi there.
My name is …
So I see your request on this… and really love to take It.
I’ve been working on this field for… (period of time).
If you have any advanced requests, text me please!
And I’m sorry If this message bothering…
Thanks for your time.
My name”

I have never sent an offer without reading the details before. But recently I feel like the result is not going well, both in buyer requests and my Gig’s impression, Still wondering if there is any change in the Fiverr algorithm?

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences @olyasr.
That was really helpful to me. I will look at It before sending new offers.
Hope you’re growing well on Fiverr career!
Best things to you!

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Your offer text looks really good! If I was a buyer, I would definitely contact you.
The truth is that this “buyer requests” section needs changes, needs some control - it became crazy.

Also, last weeks many freelancers see, that clicks and impressions are falling, many people get MUCH less orders or don’t get it at all, so the assumption is that Fiverr algorithm has some issues, some problems with website functions

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Hi @olyasr.
Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone on the road. I’m about to have a level up and really serious about making things get better. Anyway, I still think I need to improve some parts in my Gig’s description to change the situation.
Thanks again @olyasr, I really appreciate It.

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