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Sent a cancellation request and buyer denied to accept it, then he cancelled and got a bad rating

Hi, I´m so confused on what I should have done, although deep in my heart I know the answer. I just want to share my bad experience and I hope it helps the newbies. Last week this guy wanted me to do a pitch for a movie. Basically a pitch is to tell the story on a video, capturing the viewers attention (hoping one of those viewer´s is from the big movie scenes like movie directors), but I didn´t realize how busy my week was going to get, and I accepted the gig. The guy was a mess explaining what he needed and I had to message him many times to understand what he truly needed (he was so confusing and incomplete in his instructions). At the end I kind of got the idea on what he needed and thought I was going to be able to do it, but nope. I work on an university and my hours got multiplied by the end of the semester, so I realized that I couldn´t do it and sent the cancellation requestion when the order was starting to be considered as a late status. He declined the cancellation request from me and said it was ok, he would wait for me, and I made sure he knew what was going on, and why I was having a difficult time. So just about to send the gig, and oh Yes, ther it was, CANCELLED ORDER AND BAD REVIEW, and he did that at 4 in the morning, and he is from the US (I´m currently in Mexico), not the other side of the world, just so you see it had nothing to do with time zones, soooo sneaky, right? Now thanks to him my gig doesn´t have anymore a 100% positive rating, so my possibilities on getting future orders, lower, and my gig is going to take longer to grow. If there is anything I could do in a situation like this and somebody can tell me, I will appreciate you soooo much.

If you’re referring to this, “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!” it’s an automated feedback left if you don’t deliver in the alotted time+ a little bit. The feedback isn’t left by the buyer, but rather by Fiverr’s system for late deliveries. So in your case for future reference if you work it out with the buyer, you should deliver part of the gig or at least something to postpone the clock and then wrap up the order when you get a chance.

Just apologize and let him know you can complete the job now. Offer to get it done quickly.

PS: I know who that buyer is, and he was super lucky to find you. I’m betting he’ll be willing to work with you.

Reply to @fayestap: But I would only think it was worth the try, if the cancelled order and automatic bad review was reversable, is it? P.S. Not sure if anything is possible with this buyer, I told him that what he did was “rude” that if he wasn´t willing to wait for me and understand my situation, he should have had accepted the mutual cancellation in the first place. Obviously got a cold reply saying that in the marketplace the tolerance of a job being done is 12 days…, funny thing was that since the day I sent the cancellation request and he denied to accept, only 9 days had passed when he decided to totally cancel it at 4 am in the morning, doesn´t this guy sleep?

We need the ability to deny certain customers. I have been getting this repeatedly. Buyers who will not provide the information I need to assist them.