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Sent buyer request

I have sent many buyer requests but have not received any response.what to do now?

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Same here, the problem is when someone gets 20 offers, the buyer wont go through all of them. I would filter them look which ones have spelling mistakes and sort them out first. Then I would look if its a copy paste message or an individual message for me. And last I would look for sellers level and reviews.

Try to be one of the firsts sending the offer with a individual message without spelling mistakes. Thats all I can say.


try 10 buyers request per day.And try to make offer more interesting, like offering delivery time less than 24 hrs or offering the buyer some samples whatever gives you edge over other sellers.Find out techniques to convince the buyer that you are the right person. :slightly_smiling_face:

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buyers were not attracted with your offer and therefore did not respond to it. That´s how it is.

You can not do anything with already sent offers.

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Quality not quantity.

Were they all generic copy and paste messages?

Or did you take the time to understand what the buyer wanted, and to demonstrate how your skills and experience align perfectly with their request?

It is better to invest time in one targeted reply than to use the same time to bombard 10 people with the same generic messages.